• bedradio2

Bed Radio²

Better Precision Volume

Brand new version of Bed Radio, rewritten from the ground up. Now with an even more convenient volume dial, that lets you just swipe and scroll to an exact position. You can still save up to four volume presets for quick access. Now also with a quick sleep timer, that pauses your now playing audio after a certain amount of time.

Coming Soon

  • eleven


Instant Unit Conversion

Instead of tapping endlessly in menus to convert just the two units you need in the moment, why not get everything converted at the same time? Every single tap on a number coverts 11 customizable units in an instant. You also get a hint of what values to look for, by the smart focus engine which determines the value of each result.

Coming Soon

  • displayx

News Diet

Gamified Reading

What if you could actually choose what kind of news you wish you would read more, and then get rewarded in your progress? By utilizing the short news summaries from Omni, and focus only on those, we can serve you a well balanced diet of relevant news, based on a profile with your chosen news mix.


  • showoff


Portfolio Presentation

Showoff is the perfect way to present web design or app design in a meeting, no matter if it’s a job interview or a client presentation with a projector.¬†With Showoff for iPad you can finally present your web or app design in the manner it deserves. Everything is stored locally, no internet connection dependency, perfect zoom and scrolling behavior for every device.


  • popshop


Smart Shopping List

A completely new take on the classic shoppinglist. Instead of a boring list the check off, your items turns into colorful bubbles that groups together based on their placement in your store. Pop your way through your items, that follows your own order of shopping.


  • bedradio

Bed Radio

Precise Volume

This is the perfect bed companion when you’d like to enjoy some music or radio before sleeping, or to wake up with. Bed Radio has both a sleep timer and a wake up alarm clock. With an easy to use dial, and adaptive scale, you can set an exact sound volume with 1000 increments accuracy. This lets you set the volume just right when you need a really low level, for example to avoid waking the person next to you in bed. Along with the easy to use volume knob, you can save up to four different volume presets!


  • groupr


Teamup Generation

If you’re a teacher, soccer coach, or any kind of leader, you might run into the old “let’s divide teams” dilemma. Where you have certain wishes from the group or yourself regarding how to split the teams. Perhaps only one female per team, or maybe limit the project groups to one graphic designer in each team. The Groupr app for iPhone takes care of all of this, and more!